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Super Bowl Pool Fundraiser is Created in Lieu of Cancelled Cocktail Party

The AJJ Scholarship Fund's Annual Cocktail Party was to be held this Saturday, February 6th. Unfortunately as the pandemic and social distancing continue, so too does the cancellation of large gatherings and events. In lieu of this important fundraiser, we will be organizing a Super Bowl Pool to help make up some of the lost revenue. There will be one grand prize winner for the final score of the game. The AJJ Fund will receive half of the total pot and the winner will receive half - $5000 each. THE WINNER MAY NOT DONATE THEIR SHARE BACK TO THE FUND. Boxes are $100 each and can be purchased here on the AJJ website (go to Super Bowl in the drop down menu) or by Venmoing AJJ Scholarship Fund, 631-332-7390. As soon as all 100 boxes are sold, we will pull the numbers randomly and post the completed pool on social media. We have much to accomplish in 2021 and we thank you for your continued support and generosity. Good luck to all and enjoy the game!

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