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The AJJ Scholarship Fund Congratulates its 2021 Recipients!

2021 is a milestone year for the AJJ Fund. It's hard to believe that almost 20 years have passed since that tragic day in September. Last week marked 20 years of the Fund awarding scholarships to deserving students at Hampton Bays High School. Thankfully, we are showing no signs of slowing down and 2021's awards have been our most substantial yet. It is with your continued support and generosity that the AJJ Scholarship Fund was able to present $26,000 to seven commendable students. Along with the many individual gifts and donations, we would like to thank the MCJ Amelior Foundation once again for their matching grant.

We hope you will join us in congratulating Cassidy, Emma, Priscilla, Shaina, Giana, Sierra and Jennifer, all whom we feel epitomize Art's spirit as strong, well-rounded students, athletes and inclusive individuals. We wish them the best of luck in their college years and beyond. Congratulations to the entire Hampton Bays High School class of 2021!


Cassidy Moore $7500 - SUNY Oneonta Emma Naclerio $7500 - Univ. at Albany

Shaina Pierce $4000 - Binghamton Univ. Priscilla Putzulu $4000 - Georgetown U.

Giana DiPierdomenico $1000 - LSU Sierra Gaffney $1000 Univ. of Delaware

Jennifer Serna $1000 - New York University


The AJJ Scholarship Fund is also committed to supporting worthy local initiatives that help those most in need while promoting the ideals of community, service and kindness. Over the years, your continuous support has built the AJJ Scholarship Fund into a healthy and thriving foundation. Most recently, the Eugene Francolini Memorial Golf Initiative was established to continue Gene's legacy of supporting the community he loved so much. It will operate under the direction of the AJJ Scholarship Fund and will be a lasting legacy of Gene's charitable nature and enduring passion for the game of golf. In March the Initiative presented the Hampton Bays High School Golf Program with much needed branded Baymen outerwear. Thanks to all who contributed to make that possible.

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